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"Caution: You are about to get a fresh jolt of encouragement.

Myers' insights will cause your faith in God to skyrocket."

~John Wolfram - Apollo 11 Rescue Swimmer

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Pastor David Myers and Aimee Myers

Trickle Down Freedom

As a young boy, my concept of freedom was when the school bell rang, and classes were dismissed. We were free to play ball and visit our friends. The greatest threat to our freedom was the idea that parents and school officials could set rules and laws requiring us to be in school. At the ripe old age of twelve, we knew what real freedom was, and it became apparent to us that there was a massive conspiracy from authority figures to restrict our freedom. The paradox of such a perspective is this: The very thing that we thought was captivity was, in reality, our ticket to freedom. In my first year of law school, our criminal procedure professor told us American law is based on the underlying principle that, “It is better for a hundred guilty men to go free than one innocent man to go to prison.” This approach would ensure us of the freedom intended by the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the professor explained. I took issue with that interpretation. I countered that this type of thinking restricts our freedom. When people are fearful about walking down the streets of their […]

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Pastor Myers went to Apostolic Bible Institute in 1981 at the age of 17 years old and graduated with honors three years later with a Bachelor’s degree in Apostolic Studies. After evangelizing for a number of years, teaching youth seminars and preaching youth crusades, he returned to Palm Bay to work with his father, who pastored First Pentecostal Church in Palm Bay, Florida …. Read More

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