Thank You For Your Book “ReEntry”

Dear Pastor David Myers,

I want to thank you for your book, ReEntry. One of the members of your church gave my son a copy of your book. I was given the book to read from my son.

A couple of years ago he was on his bicycle and was hit by a truck and is currently in a rehabilitation center. He had severe trauma to the brain, broken ribs, ankle and is paralyzed on his left side. His memory is coming back very well and he is now trying to walk with a walker with the help of an aid. He recently read the book and was so inspired by it. Having grown up near the Space Center, he related very much to the happenings of the space program as an onlooker. He was very much inspired with the spiritual aspect of it as well.

My faith in God for him is never ending as I feel he is a victim of an unsuccessful failure, as you wrote in your book. I believe God is teaching him something wonderful for his life. Anyway I just want to say thank you and god bless you. When my son gets a little stronger he wants to go to your church and to meet you and so do I.