From Failure to Freedom

As imperfect humans, we often fail. Moses had some doozies. Moses was raised in Pharoah’s palace as a son, but one day his passion for his people got the best of him. After seeing many Egyptians beat their Hebrew captives, he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He rose up and struck an Egyptian guard responsible for many beatings and killed him.

Quickly Moses buried the Egyptian in the sand, but others saw it and word got out. Pharaoh learned of it and tried to kill Moses (Exodus 2:15).

Moses ran for his life. He ended up in the wilderness, tending sheep for a living.

He must have replayed that murder scene over and over in his mind. The act that drove him from the palace. The act that drove him out of Egypt.

He must have thought his life was over. But God had a plan. God had seen to it that Moses had identified with the Hebrews, and not with the strong arm of the Egyptian army that he had grown up with. And the Hebrews, because two of them had seen the murder and told their friends about it, came to identify with Moses and view him as their defender.

That “failure” was a successful failure, because God made it so. God used it to free the Hebrew people.

Likewise, God can turn your failure into freedom.

~ Excerpt from “Heaven We Have a Problem”